Dear reader,

you may have wondered about the lack of new recipes and even new images on my instagram account and I think you should know it is not because I have lost my love of cooking and baking or intend to stop posting about it. The reason is, I was too busy being on a splendid vacation on the sunny island of Mallorca, together with a bunch of good old friends. And after that, I decided to hop onto the Keto diet band wagon.

Yes, dear reader, you read that right. The Cooking German is doing Keto diet. Who would have thought!

Now, I don’t want to be that guy who posts his stupid diet meals, unless it’s something that I would eat whether it is Keto or not (like the cheese crusted omelettes I’m kinda obsessed with at the moment), so postings are very rare these days.

I’ve been intrigued by this diet for quite a while. Not particularly for its alleged weight loss wonder qualities, but for its positive impact on the how well the brain is supplied with energy, as well as on blood sugar, cholesterol values, and other vital functions. Not that I am struggling, but it seemed to me like a good idea to be proactive about it. What tipped me over was observing the rate at which granulated sugar disappears in my household. After refilling the sugar jar for the second time in less than a month, I had a mental pause to realize what is happening. “Am I a sugar addict?” The question popped to mind and of course, my brain immediately tried to talk me out of it: “No, you have been baking quite a bit and taken all these treats to your friends and family”, “You’ve been making lots of simple syrups that are still in the fridge, so you did not consume that sugar”, “You barely have any sweet snacks at home to begin with”, and so on and so on.

So with all the positive impacts in mind, I was set to try to reduce my carb intake to about 20 grams per day. And you’d be surprised, how difficult this is. First, there are the obvious things that disappear from your diet: sugar, sweets, bread, pasta, starchy vegetables and so on. So far, so obvious. But carbs are also hidden in places, where you don’t expect them to be, at least not in large quantities. But with 20g a day, even small amounts of cars add up quickly. 100g of Brussels Sprouts come with 5g of cars. More surprisingly, the little evaporated milks I used for my coffee at work came with 6g carbs for three little containers of 7.5g each. So you pretty much study every single package for the nutritional value before it ends up in your shopping cart. And even for supposedly good things like vegetables, you end up putting them on a scale, so you don’t overeat on tomatoes.

But somehow, I made it work and since August 1st, I’ve been consistently around 25g of carbs or less per day and at around 2000 kcal total per day. Because even if most of your calories come from fat, you shouldn’t be eating butter by the stick. Keto meals are – due to their high fat content – rather satisfying, keep you full longer and you’re never hungry. But of course, my cravings for sweet treats was super strong in the beginning and flares up every now and then. So I try to safe a few grams of carbs until the evening and reward myself with a small piece of dark chocolate

In terms of results, I did lose a bunch of weight, but since I did not step onto the scale when I started, I really have no clue how much is due to the diet and how much was already gone before I started. Once I finish it this coming Friday, I try to incorporate some lessons that I have learned into my diet which I try to keep at a liberal low carb level, i.e. around 100g or carbs per day:

  1. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry.
  2. Know the difference between good an bad carbs and stick with good ones.
  3. Get more carbs from the vegetables that are in season than from traditional fillers like pasta, potatoes and alike
  4. Before adding sugar to something, ask yourself if this really needs to go in there.

But for now, I can’t wait to be back at regular cooking and baking. There are some homemade breads coming up, I always meant to do at home.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!