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    Ever since I was a little 3 year old, my parents took me skiing in the Alps. Every winter for a week or two straight and a couple of weekends on top.…

  • Dinner, Entrées, Lunch

    Classic Cajun Gumbo

    The idea of making a gumbo filled me with utter panic, knowing that it is an important – if not the important – dish in Cajun cooking and pretty much everyone is…

  • Fresh made Bircher Muesli

    Bircher Muesli

    Bircher Müsli is one of those dishes I always go for when I see it at a breakfast buffet. But rarely do I make it for myself despite its simplicity. Because I…

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    Succulent Ribs with Mac&Cheese

    Saturday night I was set to make Ahi Tuna for Sunday dinner, so I went to the Farmer’s Market and Trader Joe’s on Sunday morning to procure all the necessary items. Back…

  • Cannoli Cheeseball with Graham crackers and vanilla wafers
    Appetizer, Dinner, Snacks

    Cannoli Cheeseball

    I’ve encountered this rather unusual cheeseball at a Christmas party last year where it was served with the appetizers. Since Cannolis are sweet, it seemed rather odd to me, even though I’m…

  • Dinner, Entrées

    Roasted Lemon Chicken

    A very simple dish, yet the flavors of a roasted chicken make a weeknight dinner feel like it’s Sunday. If you have the time, salt the chicken 24 hours ahead for extra…